8 Ongoing Digital Trends As An Entrepreneur You Should Be Aware Of

8 Ongoing Digital Trends As An Entrepreneur You Should Be Aware Of


Hi there! The digital landscape is an ever-changing one, digital trends come and go.

But some stick.

As your business is to create the most awesome product in the world, ours is to scan the online world to catch trends and exploit them for the benefits of our customers.



So, we gathered 8 digital trends we believe every entrepreneur should keep in mind, when deciding a business strategy.



We aren’t talking about a visionary future, on the edge of science fiction, one that will impact our lives in 50 years.

We are talking about 5 years from now.


Let’s dig into the matter.

#1 Remote Work

Albeit slowly and with some resistance, make no mistake, it will take place in the whole world.

There are several reasons for this digital trend: sometimes, as an entrepreneur you will find difficult to hire locally the talent you need.


The person with the expertise you need do not live nearby your premises, and chances are they will never move closer.

You have to rely on technology to bridge the distance.


Remote Work


Remote work is one of the most popular digital trends right now.

Multinational teams are increasingly common now – that is, teams of people residing and working from locations distant one another.


Take 2000ft: we are two web designers, graphic wizards and SEO experts spread between the UK, Italy and Spain.

Challenging? Not if you do it the right way.



But even in a pure local working environment, you will see how at least one or two working days from home may be greatly beneficial.

And we do mean for both the satisfaction and the productivity of your employee.



How can one achieve that?

By doing it good:


  1. start little: one day per week is OK at the beginning, preferably neither the first nor the last working day;
  2. agree a plan: if you haven’t done it previously, it’s time to begin managing your employees by goals and results;
  3. regular checks: have honest and thorough checks with your employees about the remote work experiment. Once a month can be fine, at the beginning. Then, you can defer it to once every trimester or semester.


Of course, not all professions can be deployed home, neither is this a gainful move for all situations.

We do however believe that is worth trying.


Wanna know more? We love these two books:

  1. Virtual Culture;
  2. Remote: Office Not Required.

#2 Podcasting

This digital trend is all the rage, and it will only grow.

Podcast is nowadays used in a variety of ways:

  • As an extension of good old journalism;
  • as a mean for independent content creator to reach their audience;
  • as a powerful tool for companies to build a relationship with their clients.

It has been rising in popularity for multiple reasons.

We, the humans, may think of ourselves as visual creatures, but we are just as much attracted to stories.


We see and interpret the world through stories, according to scholars.

Podcasts are incredibly effective in delivering stories we cherish.



Then, most of us run short of time on a constant basis.

Podcasts are just as effective as the radio to be combined with other things: only, you choose what to listen and when to do it.



On top of that, it’s hard to find a radio show about electrical bycicles in Danish.

Guess what? You have them in the podcastsphere.


Last but not least, many of us find pleasure into anything relieving that sense of visual abuse we often feel.

A great deal of businesses have been using it as a way to build a community of devoted customers.

Click on the link to check if it is worth including podcast marketing in your plans.

#3 Video Marketing


Video marketing is something every, every, business should consider.

More than a digital trend, it is a consolidated tool.



Once there was the television. Then, television and YouTube.

Now, you have videos in TV, YouTube, Vimeo, Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, Tumblr, LinkedIn…


It is for a specific reason. The impact of video is brutal.

Digital trends: the rise of video marketing


Video marketing is an opportunity for multiple budgets.


With no previous experience in communication and marketing, it is easy to get lost.

The type of videos that will prove suitable for your needs may vary.



As usual, it all starts with having clear who you are and what you want to achieve through your video strategy.

Then, you can go for:


  • infomercials
  • executive speeches
  • tutorials of your products or services
  • humorous spots to promote your brands
  • question & answer sessions
  • webinars
  • testimonials from customers, suppliers and employees

You’re welcome to drop us a line, if it sounds interesting to you, but before you may want to explore in greater detail here the topic of video marketing.

#4 Voice Search

Of all the recent technological breakthroughs, voice search is certainly one of the first that comes to mind.

You speak to a device, the device answers and provide what you want: restock your canned beans supply, hear an Alanis Morrisette’s song, find the closest Thai restaurant, phone to your friends.


Some tech gurus go all the way to believe one day there will be more voice than typed searches.



The trend we do see at the moment, is one of steady growth of its use, for peculiar queries especially such as local searches, so, by smartphone.

We have mixed feelings about this technology; if you want to know more about it, please have a look at our monographic post about voice search.

#5 Blockchain

It’s has been populating world’s news for some time now, mostly concerning with cryptocurrencies, but not only.

It’s compulsory to talk about it when speaking about ongoing digital trends.


Now, on one side, Bitcoins and its fellows have been victims of all sorts of misinformation.

On the other, the technology enabling virtual currencies, blockchain, is considered to be revolutionary.


Blockchain cryptocurrency


Cryptocurrencies are but one of the few applications of blockchain.


Now, the topic is complex and beyond the scope of this post.

But, to make a long story short, let’s stick with this brief description:


Blockchain is a decentralized database of information in the form of bits, distributed along a vast network of computers, making such system nearly impossible to hack.
Its application may be endless.

Huge investments have been pouring into it, in order to create practical applications and, unsurprisingly, understand what such innovation is truly capable of.


Securing payments, storing medical or property records, encrypting sensible information

These are just a few areas blockchain can reshape.



There are some concerns to be properly addressed, ie energy consumption and regulation.

But before we know it, we will be using blockchain technology as carelessly as we currently use remote car keys.


Just as part of our daily life.

#6 Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing isn’t really new.


Since advertising came to existence, we have always seen celebrities endorsing products and brands.

Actors, athletes, singers and the like.


What’s new about this, is that thanks to social networks, notably Instagram, influencer marketing has taken the world by storm.

The phenomenon of influencers is one that will produce tonns of sociologic literature for years, as it is pervasive, effective but also tricky and prone to frauds. 

First and foremost: anyone can be an influencer, if he hits the right keys at the right time.


There are 15 years old influencers as well as 75 years old ones.

There are fashion influencers as well as agricultural machinery ones.


You can find influencers in your neighborhood as well as in South Korea, Lapland or in Tierra del Fuego.

What makes someone an influencer?

His capacity to drive his followers’ attention – and purchasing choices – where he pleases.

Why are influencers so populars?

Essentially, because people relate more with them than with Hollywood-style celebrities.

They seem they can be our very friends and neighbours, and their suggestions have an allure of authenticity that is lacking in mainstream advertisements.

Now comes the issues.

Influencer marketing, one of the digital trends.


Fashion is one of the main realms of interest, for influencers.


Influencers aren’t always what they claim to be.

In order to explain the extent of the phenomenon, we should talk at great lenght about Instagram and consumer psychology.

That’s where ethics and skills kick in.


Sometimes, followers aren’t real followers but bots.

There are ways to inflate your numbers, in Instagram as well in other social networks.

But even a good bunch of real followers does not guarantee any real influence: one may have 100K followers but never induce a sale, for multiple reasons.


Then, lacking a specific regulation, influencers can engage in ambiguous practices.

Some of them may claim sponsorships that were never agreed with brands, for example. 


So, is influencer marketing something to stay away from?

Nope: it’s a tool like any other and you have to use it intellingently, or to rely on someone who can help you out with that.

In some fields, countries and businesses, influencer marketing is one of the best way to increase brand awareness and sales.


There are ways to ensure that you are about to pick the right influencer, with proven track records, honest and professional.

There are tools to engange in fruitful cooperations and exploit such digital trend.



Are you unsure whether to use influencer marketing to pursue your business goals?

Then reach us out: we’ll be happy to help 🙂


#7 Home smart speakers

The rise of products such as Amazon Echo, Apple HomePod or Google Home is unstoppable.


If you think they will not remain confined to USA and never make land anywhere else, think twice.

It’s a digital trend that will become part of our lives. We believe it’s just a matter of time.


Each of them reflect, in a way, the feature of its own platform/manufacturer.

Amazon Echo, for example, is strong on product-based queries but not so much on informational queries.

That is not the case with Google Home: with this device, as well as with Google Assistant (the one you have on your Android phone), you access Google’s very search engine.


Then there’s Apple with its HomePod

Excellent sound, very integrated with the rest of Apple’s products, can send and read text messages, reliable and quality design – as usual.


It comes, though, with several shortcomings: no integration with any Google service, the platform is closed to third-party app developers, far more limited than Google Assistant in most tasks.


As with common voice search, the rise of home smart speakers will leave a mark on the Internet.

How consumers will use them, what data such devices will collect and what their manufacturers will share with us…

These are all legit questions.


Google Home Mini


Google Home Mini, one of the most common home smart speakers.

We better keep en eye open.

#8 Visual Search


An enormous digital trend, in our opinion.

Imagine you are at a friend’s place.

He bought a new bookshelf it looks awesome: just the piece of furniture you would love to install in your dining room.



You take your mobile out of your pocket, you take a picture, you upload it to Google Image aaaand et voilà! You get:

  1. the name of the product,
  2. the brand,
  3. all the different sizes and colors available to purchase,
  4. six different shops where to buy it, either online or in the closest mall.

In other words, visual search will change the way we buy and sell products.


Anything that has a strong visual feature is impacted.

Instagram and Pinterest lead the way, although other social networks are concerned too.

And, as usual, Google.



Type whatever you feel like on world’s most popular search engine: are there pictures in your search results?

Broadly, about 20% of searches on Google return images.



It’s beyond the scope of this post to go unnecessarily into the gears of how a machine handle and interpret images.

But we do want to give you a few tips:



#1 Produce quality pictures and handle them with care


Your audience need to have the best possible experience, when viewing the picture of your products.

Build an inventory of them, optimize them in terms of file extension, size and tags.


#2 Use heavily visual platforms


If you sell fashion, cars, jewelry, homes… you may want to reroute a consistent part of your marketing efforts to platforms that favour the visual dimension.

Instagram and Pinterest are the first that come to mind, but not only.


#3 Implement visual search in your own eCommerce



This alone will give to your virtual shop you a competitive advantage over your competition.

No more than 10% of online retailers worldwide have implemented it so far.


That means, 90% of retailers are late.


Conclusions about these digital trends



These are some of the digital trends we have been seeing emerging in our pixel-based world.

Were you aware of them?


At 2000ft, we have been helping companies small and big, to pursue their goals.


Need help?

Are you doubtful about which of these will impact your business? Then reach us out.


Happy digital endeavour 😉

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