Podcast Marketing: How To Harness Its Power

Podcast Marketing: How To Harness Its Power

It’s all the rage, and it will only grow. That’s podcast marketing.

Well, first, podcasts.

A massive amount of Europeans (139M) reported to have listened to podcasts at least monthly in 2018. 

That’s an impressive figure. In the USA, it’s even higher.

Podcast Marketing
You have to have the right equipment to podcast in a proper manner.

How come this popularity?

Well, podcasting started with devices such as iPod, back in the days. 

It seems the Stone Age, doesn’t it?

Now, with Smartphones dwarfing in few inches the capacity of few years old computers, a huge space has been pried open for podcasting.

And that’s Factor 1.

Factor 2 being the frenzy of modern life.

A day has no more than 24 hours, a week has no more than 7 days and we heartily welcome whatever allows us to save the most precious currency on earth: time.

Podcasts can be listened to when walking the dog, commuting to work, ironing shirts, jogging around.

This is alone an excellent reasons to consider podcast marketing right now.

Factor 3 is auditory memory.

Some people just absorb information better through the ears than the eyes, and there you are: supplying what they want in the format they want.

Few things you should consider about podcasting in a way that benefits your business.

#1 Do some research first

Albeit with exceptional growth expectations, the podcastsphere reached already a maturity stage.

That means, you can find podcasts on any possible topic. Really.

From How to prepare nutritious porridges for your baby with a kitchen robot to The best batteries to use if you are an electrical car manufacturer.

And in plenty of languages.

The abundance of podcasts covering any possible area should not discourage you.

You may sell artisanal fettuccini (yummy) and compete with a hundred other podcasters explaining how to cook them: should you refrain from doing it because there is a lot of competition?

Not at all.

You should just factor it into the equation.

Be knowledgeable about what your competitors do, then elaborate your unique proposal.

Find your inner podcast marketing voice, so to say.

#2 Podcast marketing is not rocket science, but not too easy either

You need to work on it.

Podcast marketing is not just about recording your voice with your phone and then throw it to the world, the same way you do sending a WhatsApp audio message to your aunt.

Professional microphones, voiceovers, oratory skills, scripts, podcasting softwares, promotion… : it takes effort.

Podcasting should be aligned with the rest of your Marketing Plan.

Consistency is of paramount importance: a regular publishing calendar, episodes of approximately the same lengths, staying on the topic podcast after podcasts, etc.

#3 Costs to keep in mind

It does not have to be expensive, but if you approach podcasting assuming it delivers at no cost, you are soooo wrong.

Podcasting surely is a way for companies with limited budgets to compete with bigger players; but it does require investments, in terms of time and money.

It’s never free to produce quality content.

Business Podcasts
Podcast fans are ubiquitous.

#4 Promote your podcast around

Your podcast has to be findable on search engines, downloadable and available for streaming.

Where? On your website and on a variety of platforms.

By that, you will nurture your existing customer base and throw your nets in another wider fishing ground.

If you deal with podcast marketing the right way, results will come.

#5 Exploit the podcasting edge

Podcasting, like book publishing, enjoys a high level of perceived authority.

That means, consumers tend to view as leaders in the field those who podcast.

If you are a solo lawyer or a small winery, you can compete on an equal footing with law firms or winemakers bigger than yourself, with marketing budgets far above yours.

#6 Treat your podcast as an active business instrument

Podcasting is also a way to pursue goals other than sales increase of brand awareness.

Through podcasting, you can reach competitors, suppliers, customers, think tanks, universities, media, inspiring figures.

You can get where otherwise you would not.

You can contact any of them and ask for an interview, or notify them that you will talk about them in your weekly digital audio file.

Chances are, more than one will respond positively.

Who knows? Perhaps a sinergy will be established, a commercial agreement will be signed or you will be invited back.

Expertise and marketing acumen make miracles.

Podcast platforms
Podcasts are a unique way to consume content. Before them, radio. Before it, face-to-face storytelling. We are an auditive species as much as we are a visual.

#7 Love podcasting

This is not a point to be neglected.

A certain number of tasks, in life and business, can be executed without being passionate about them.

However, when producing culture or content marketing, you have to love what you do.

You’ll build no fandom if you don’t. People will notice.

Fandom is a critical term here.

Podcasting has a unique way of gathering a community in a specific niche.

If you are after your first 1,000 True Fans, be aware that podcast marketing is an excellent medium to get them.

To love podcasting, means you have to have a passion for the medium.

If never before you have tried to listen to podcasts, try.

If it doesn’t really resonate with you, either leave it or get someone in your team who appreciates them.

That is a first step. The second, is to be comfortable in front of a micro.

#8 Feel comfortable in front of a microphone

People accustomed to public speaking, radio hosts, teachers or people in general used to communicate, will have an easier time than the rest of us.

To convey meaningful words in an elegant and entertaining manner, it is easier said than done.

Let a part of it be talent; but there’s a big part which is preparation.

Study. Training.

If you feel like giving a try yourself, go ahead. If you don’t, integrate in your team someone skilled.

You may want to look around at podcasters who work, or worked for some time, in the field, producing a number of podcasts.

Or you may have a chat with the head of the closest Faculty of Communication, to get some promising names among alumni or current students.

#9 Study podcasting and podcast marketing

If you want to do it right, it pays off to get some solid grounding on the history of the medium, how it became such a culture phenomenon and how the technology enabling it has changed in time.

Serial (2014) was one of the kick-starters of the podcast trend.

It’s unrelated with the business world, but it’s worth having a look (or a listen).

You may receive interesting insights and detect where this way of producing and distributing content will head.

You will realize how results, no one would haver ever believed possible have been achieved, like podcasts about travelling, a field in which the visual component is paramount.

You don’t need to obtain a PhD in Media Studies before starting with podcast marketing.

Having said that, as with any craft, dedication over time is key to improve.

Podcasting softwares
Podcasting create a sense of community hard to achieve by other means.

#10 Find your podcast marketing voice

As you may have noticed, there are all sorts of podcasts.

We are not talking just about topics, but formats:

  • some record the audio as well as the video;
  • some last three hours, whereas others are no longer than twenty minutes;
  • some leverage it as a marketing tool while others sell podcast as their main product;
  • some are a 100% solo-enterprise, some always have a guest on the show.

What’s the format that suits best your needs and your creative spirit?

It’s a good thing to start by taking into consideration what other podcasters in your niche do.

Then, replicate it or modify it; or go the opposite direction, but make it a solid decision.


This is briefly what podcast is about and our suggestions concerning it.

What are your thoughts about it? What benefits can it bring to your business?

In case of doubts, you can always drop us a line: we will gladly help.

Hear you around 😉



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