Video Marketing: How To Leverage It In Your Company

Video Marketing: How To Leverage It In Your Company

The relevance of video marketing can hardly be exaggerated.

YouTube will soon overtake TV’s role in our lives.

We already consume more content in video than in any other format.

We get videos on platforms such as Vimeo, YouTube, Wistia… we get them on Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp… we are exposed to informative, advertising or tutorial videos… we consume them on online shops, marketplaces like Amazon or blogs.

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What do we think in 2000ft about it?

Video marketing can rock the world of your business in ways you don’t dare the dream.

A few point you should keep in mind:

#1 Use video marketing to build a relationship with your audience

Nowadays, a tool manufacturer that does not create videos showing how to use his products, is doomed to bankruptcy.

You don’t sell products and services – only: you sell values, you sell people, you sell lifestyles.

Videos are an excellent way to nurture this kind of relationship.

If you receive recurrent questions about something, why not making a video about it?

If you launch a new product, why not showcasing it in a clip?

When opening up a new store or moving an existing one to another location, why not notifying your audience through a brief video?

Possibilities are endless.

#2 Videos are consumed more, shared more and they convert more

More than any other medium.

We don’t suggest to ditch other forms of content marketing.

But you do want to harness the whole potential of video marketing for the benefit of your business.

Videos are so popular because they do not require effort to absorb the information they convey.

You made the effort by assembling it in the clearest and most pleasant way.

If you hit the nail on the head, you will be rewarded with many views, a big share count and a good deal of leads.

#3 Work your video SEO

There’s a number of things you should keep in mind when throwing your video out to the world.

First, where to host them.

You can do it in your own domain: very SEO-workable, but costly, because if you have a long term video marketing plan (which we totally recommend), you’ll soon need Terabytes of memory.

YouTube or other platforms are good alternative solutions.

YouTube, mostly: it is by far the most popular and it belongs to Google.

What does that imply?

YouTube-SEO is quite similar to Google’s; moreover, your Google-SEO will foster your YouTube-SEO and viceversa.

Tags, keywords, descriptions… you already use them in your website and social media, so you are bound to do the same with your videos.

#4 Storytelling is key

If you try to walk the hard sell path, most likely you will return home empty-handed.

On videos, it pays off to be soft when it comes to sales.

Better to focus on telling a story.

There are plenty of ways to do that. Some general suggestions can be the following.

Show your premises

we all love to see where the stuff we buy are brought into existence.

Introduce yourself and your team

It works to let yourself be known by your audience. It’s incredible how many companies neglect this fact.

Show how your product is created

Whether you manufacture household appliances, repair cars or sell confectionery, brace for virality.

Apologize and solve

If you received justified criticism, make a videoclip about how you recognized the failure, the measure you implemented and the positive customer reaction.

It works because it’s honest, and rare.

Showcase a customer’s success story

If you run a courier service agency and you solved a major customer issue, tell it on camera.

If you are a career coach and you helped a coachee to wade through uncertainty, say it on camera.

They say a picture is worth a thousand words.

Well, you know what? A good story is the exception to the rule.

#5 Length is crucial in video marketing

More is not necessarily better.

In your video marketing strategy, there’s a place for 30-seconds videos, 60-, 120- and 10-minutes clips.

Sometimes, you will want to tease, some others to inform, some to promote an event.

Choose the message, the platform, the audience: the length comes later.

#6 Irony rules

A general rule of thumb is to dress your videos with humour. It works for both B2C and B2B.

Why is it effective?

Because life is miserable enough on its own: no need to add unnecessary seriousness.

A light-hearted videoclip helps conveying a message much better than a stiff one.

It’s a fact that, luckily, most companies have now understood it.

In the early days of video marketing, the cyberspace was clogged with videos so yawnsome, they have never met the needs of any business.

Should you remember one single concept of this whole paragraph, let it be the following.

The most important thing in video marketing is, as in any content marketing strategy: don’t try to become viral.

Offer value to your customers and they will make you viral.

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If you want to have an idea of the current state-of-the-art videomaking, take a look at this fellow’s work: Peter McKinnon.


Through this post, we hope we have given you a general understanding of how video marketing works and why you should consider it.

We at 2000ft believe it can plays a significant role in your business strategy.

Whether your interest lays in educational, advertising or entertaining videos, reach us out: let’s talk about it together.

Cheers 😉

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